Sell Anything With This Copywriting Formula

Sell Anything With This Copywriting Formula

Sell Anything With This Copywriting Formula

Writing anything from scratch is never fun or easy. In fact, it is the most time-consuming thing you can possibly do. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of copywriting formulas that have been proven to work. I’ve used almost all of them! But after following my intensive research process for my clients and putting it all to work with frameworks, I accidentally came up with my own. And life has never been the same.

For context, I’ve been working with clients for six years and had to tweak some of those frameworks to tell a more persuasive and relatable story.

Also, a quick heads up, there is no such thing as a “best copywriting formula.”

Introducing the copywriting formula: A.S.R.O.C.

The original framework I created was ASCOC. Say it out loud, and you’ll find the problem with it. 😅

A = Attention

S = Story

R = Relate (originally circle back)

O = Offer

C = Call to action


You want to draw them in and get them hooked within the first 3 seconds. So, you start your copy with a strong hook or shocking statement.

This can be among the lines of:

  • Everything you know about [topic] is wrong.
  • This is your only way to [goal].
  • [goal] in [timeframe].

Your attention possibilities are endless, especially when you nail down exactly what your ideal clients want.

For instance, I know that one of the problems my ideal clients struggle with the most is writing their sales page and emails. It’s very time-consuming, and they don’t always know what to write.

So when I launched my Sales Copy Bundle, my attention-grabbing headline was, “write your sales page and emails in less than a day.”

Check it out here, and grab it if you’re interested:


This is where you present the problem by telling an intriguing, relatable story. This story is about the problem they face every day but told from either your perspective or theirs. 

When I launched my ads leading to the 11-Point Sales Emails Sequence Checklist, I wrote 3 different ad text variations. Two following a standard PAS framework (Problem. Agitation. Solution.) And one following my coined ASROC framework, where I told an intriguing and relatable story.

The screenshot below is the one with the ASROC framework and the one that got almost all of the conversions. My super short and punchy story is not about me, but about my clients and how they were only hitting 4 of the 11 elements all of their emails need to convert.

I told a super short story. And it worked.

The two screenshots below follow the PAS framework and didn’t perform as well as ASROC did. Also, they are both significantly longer.


This is where you circle the story back to the readers. Remember my ASROC ad copy up there? This is the copy I used to relate the story back to my readers,

“But not you. You’re about to find out what they are, and how to make sure you nail them every single time you write an email.
Because you know your email list is a goldmine, and your emails should deliver that gold straight to your bank. 😮‍💨”

You want your readers to read your story and either say, “I want this to be me!” or “I definitely do not want to be this person!”


Introduce your offer, but don’t just say, “here you go. Bam!” You need to present your offer as the bridge that will close the gap between their lives now and their lives after your product. 

This is what I wrote, “The only thing standing between you and those Stripe notifications is getting our free, 11-point checklist for sales emails.”

Because I know that their ultimate goal is to create passive income around their offers, I worded it as “Stripe notifications.” I don’t know about you, but every business owner I know celebrates each Stripe notification as payments come in.


This is your call to action. What do you want them to do? Don’t get crazy here. Simply tell them what action they need to take

Here are a few examples:

  • Enroll now
  • Get the free guide
  • Get immediate access to [offer]
  • Join [offer now]. Accomplish [goal] in [timeframe]

That’s it for now, friends! Now it’s time for you to sell anything with this copywriting formula. Try it for your ads, sales pages, emails, and social media captions.

Let me know how it goes!

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