I’ve made companies over 2M in email revenue over the last 8 months alone. You’re next.

We brew bold and strong high-converting email and sales copy

Your emails & sales copy could be your business’s most profitable asset - but only when the strategy and copy are brewed correctly. The problem? You don’t have time.

You either don’t know how to craft your strategy, or you don’t know how to tackle the copy. Or both. Luckily for you, this is the whipped cream to my latte.

You may know me from:

Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, you’re the one in change of running the money-making operations.

You know that saying the right thing to the right person at the right time is key. 🔑

You’re also don’t want pushy, slimy marketing because aside from not converting, it puts a bad taste in your prospects’ mouths.

You want you need email and sales copy that not only converts, but also connects with your prospects and turns them into your number one fans and advocates.

The type you’d share a nice cup of coffee with. ☕️

You also want something that AI alone can’t give you – someone to analyze what you have and tell you what can be optimized and how.

More than the right words, you want the right strategy.

I’m talking about auditing your emails, past campaigns, strategy, tests, sales copy, and everything that we can use to position your business as the go-to.

Ethically and without the superficial guru crap that’s everywhere these days.

That’s where my Simple Conversion Model comes in – whether we work on email or sales copy and strategy, these are the six key elements of we’ll master.

Your Unique Audience (YUA)

Each audience and segment is unique, so we have to talk to the right one with the right words and the right strategy.

Deep Connection

Behind your target audience is a real human with feelings, wants, needs, and desires. We’ll do the research necessary to find out what those are, and leverage them to create a genuine connection.

Your Brand Personality (YBP)

We’ll use your unique brand voice and story to highlight what makes you stand out and why they should choose you.

Guided Persuasion

Persuasiveness without being pushy is what really sells. We’ll guide them towards their next logical step in their journey.

Actionable Value

We’ll add value to your prospects’ lives that they can actually act on, not just consume and forget.

The Strong Action (TSA)

We’ll make their next steps clear with a strong and bold call to action.

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About Elenny (me)

I've been writing conversion copy professionally for six years. I've worked with amazing companies from all over the nation and various niches - including Fortune 500, FinTech, SaaS, coaches & course creators. If you can think of it, I've probably worked with them.

I went from a generalist copywriter to an email and sales copywriter and strategist. This is the best way to serve my clients because they know exactly what to expect from me.

Strategically and realistically speaking, I've gotten more "I need help with my emails" than "I need help with copy." I still love and enjoy working on other copywriting projects, like webpages, but there's something magical and almost spiritual when someone needs help with something very specific, and they know that's your specialty.

Some Results I've Gotten My Clients

Just imagine what I can do for you. Some call it magic - I call it a regular Tuesday coffee. ☕️

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You don’t need to copy-and-paste someone else’s strategy from the web or for AI to generate copy by guessing who your audience is. You need a scientific approach.​

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