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Project details


Samantha from Socials Brewing reached out after realizing she needed help with her emails so that she could elevate her client experience. We ended up strategizing a welcome sequence that introduces who she is, delivers value, and builds trust. We then crafted a delivery sequence to deliver her freebie, show her audience why and how they should use it, and what steps to take next.

We did intensive customer and competitor research to guide our copy's messaging and highlight Samantha's unique positioning while setting her apart from the rest. Her voice was 100% there the whole time.


Email Welcome Sequence
Email Delivery Sequence
Email Strategy

You really did capture my voice. Honestly, you’re going on my payroll. I do feel like you took and understood my brain.

- Samantha G.

Voice of Customer Research & Competitor Research


Concoct My Sales Copy

My sales copy gives you words that sell by combining your unique voice with your prospects’ messaging, garnished with strategy

If you have a mediocre offer, then use mediocre copy. If not, you’re in the right place

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