So you're looking for a sales copywriter who can deliver a  conversion-ready sales page or email sequence to help you get more conversions. I'll do it in a week. A VIP Week.

You're reading this because you want to make more money. Period.


You don't want pretty words. If you do, you're in the wrong place.

If I were to ask you right now, "do you want a 7-figure revenue this year or do you want pretty words?" What would you choose? 🤔

Obviously the money! 💰 The pretty, catchy words are just a bonus. And that's the thing - you don't want to work with a wordsmith. Wordsmiths don't make businesses money. Otherwise, they'd be sales copywriters and not a ChatGPT equivalent.

You want to work with a sales copywriter who writes based on data, buyer psychology, and a shit-ton of research to make sure that YOUR copy get your leads to tick all their boxes (the emotional and logical boxes. Why should they buy from you? What pain will they avoid?).

You also don't want to work with a copywriter who claims to be psychology-driven but can't back it up. Their process is the same as a wordsmith's (write things that sound cool, but when it comes to data or CRO, they don't handle it, so that's on you).

That's why this vip week is much more than just copy in a week. You're getting it optimized for conversions, and I'll help you optimize it again after it's been live for a while.

Here's the WitCopy® way


Backed by data. Infused with buyer psychology

1 complementary round of edits



One conversion rate optimization edit after 3-6 months


Wondering what you can get in a week?
One of these 👇🏼

Webinar sequence

Nurturing sequence

Welcome sequence

Post-purchase sequence

Email Sequence

in a week

Any sequence

For your launch

For your masterclass

For your amazing SaaS product

For your course, membership, or coaching offer

Sales Page

in a week

Any sales page

I can tell you how many projects I've completed over the span of 6 years...

23%+ Opt-In

Crafted landing page for a SaaS (NDA signed) that boosted their opt-in rate by 23%.

50%+ Pre-Approvals

Crafted a landing page for a mortgage company (Lower) that doubled pre-approvals, beating the control version by over 50%.

$2M+ Newsletters

Generated over $2M in revenue for Kin Insurance from newsletters alone for a cold list... in under 6 months.

But I prefer talking about results:

50% Increase in Orders

Doubled pickup and delivery orders for Clean N Bright Laundromat within 3 months from newsletters and text messages. Audience was cold.

5-Figure Launch

Crafted Meta Ads for a writing coach where five figures was attributed to those ads for a cold audience. It was a mid-ticket offer.

CRO, Baby!

Got statistically-significant results from A/B tests launched for several email sequences at a FinTech. The conversion lift ranged from 12% to 56% after optimizing.

"GIRLLLL this is AMAZING. Like holy sh*t I want to buy it.. even though I already own it."

- Marissa P.

“Elenny was so easy to work with! She made the project fun, and she delivered great copy that followed all the specifications we laid out… We landed on a great copy asset that we'll be able to use for a variety of campaigns.”

- Sara K.

“Hiring [Elenny] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. [She’s] a rockstar!”

- CMO.

"Dude, we are floored by your copy. I've never been this excited by words. We just plugged these in and are already seeing a 10% boost."

- Jean W.

Here's the process
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After you submit your intake form, our team will go over your submission and decide to move forward with a 15-30 minute Google Meet call. We'll go through your needs, get you on my calendar, sign your contract, and make your payment.

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Before your VIP Week starts, we'll send you a briefing questionnaire to get clear on your business and your offer. This will set us up for success.

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It's game time. I'll be typing my fingerprints away while you sit back and relax for 7 days. You'll hear from me if I need something. Otherwise, see you in 7 days!

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I'll walk you through your conversion-ready copy in 7 days via a Loom video and tell you how to utilize your new copy. If needed, we can book a 30-minute Q&A call after the delivery date.

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Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6+ years.

Though I didn’t start off as a conversion copywriter, my failed attempts at writing my sales pages and ad copy led me here - because that’s how I learned that copy is more than just words you pull out of a hat.

Thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world, I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country - and deliver results worth bragging cheering for:

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Meet your personal sales copy mixologist

Increased email open rates to 78% on average for a FinTech company - leading to a 93% increase in email conversions.

Doubled pre-approval rates for a home mortgage company after A/B testing their landing page against my version.

Boosted opt-in rate by 23% for a SaaS after owning all the assets involved - from research to lead magnet delivery.

Wondering what your potential roi could be after investing in this vip week?

Watch this video walkthrough on how to use the estimator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. No.

The briefing process will help ensure that I get everything I need from you so that I can write copy that connects and converts. Give me two hours and I’ll give you a week. 

You might also need to send me any insights you may have, like a heat-map or audience survey responses.

After you receive your project in 7 days, you'll have 3 business days to request your complementary round of edits. If you have questions after that, we can book a complementary 30-min Post VIP Week Q&A call 7 days after your project delivery date.

Yes! Whether you need multiple email sequences or a combination of a sales page and emails, you will get a discount. We can talk about this during our briefing call.

Yes! That’s the magic of our briefing process. We request everything we need from you and walk you through your deliverables. Remember, this is a week, not a day. 😉

After our initial 15-30 call, we’ll send you your contract, invoice, and the link to book your VIP week.

You’ll be booked and added to my calendar after you make your full payment in advance.

The guarantee is that you will receive your project in 7 days, and there will be no refunds.

I will eat, drink, breathe, and sleep your project for 7 days straight and use all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the last 6 years to give you conversion-ready copy.

BOOK IT! ($4400)

My sales copy gives you words that sell by combining your unique voice with your prospects’ messaging, garnished with strategy

If you have a mediocre offer, then use mediocre copy. If not, you’re in the right place

Never get sales copy that doesn’t sound like you again.