I write sales copy, but the difference is in the “holy crap, this sounds like me, but better!” And “It performed so well I repurposed it.”

Get the words that will turn your launch goals into your next baseline

Not a beginner’s cup of tea,
But the strawberry daiquiri to:

Plus, other Fortune 500 companies I can’t disclose

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It just got a whole lot harder to hire a copywriter who won’t go batsh*t crazy on research and discovery to make sure they nail your sales copy, voice, strategy, and offer

You don't want to spend thousands on ads or spend hours messing with prompts... 

to only end up with mediocre sales

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6 years.

Though I didn’t start off as a conversion copywriter, my failed attempts at writing my sales pages and ad copy led me here - because that’s how I learned that copy is more than just words you pull out of a hat.

Thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world (CopyHackers, the Copywriter Underground, and my experience), I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country - and deliver results worth bragging cheering for.

My degree in Psychology also comes in handy because my healthy obsession with human decision-making helps me enjoy the process of conversion copywriting that regular copywriters hate the most: research. What can I say? I’m a brainiac.

Concoct My Sales Copy

Meet your personal sales copy mixologist


My pen keyboard is mightier than the

Your products’ and services' strong essence is waiting to come out. I’ll pour it all out.

  • Welcome sequence
  • Sales sequence
  • Nurture sequence
  • Literally any sequence

Get AN EMAIL SEQUENCE that captures everything about your offer - and converts time and time again

Email Sequence in a Week

You’ve always written your emails yourself but hate how long it takes. You’ve put so much effort into your offer that you still can’t quite articulate why it’s so useful to your prospects. Maybe you don’t even know how to “welcome” your newcomers.  

With the Welcome Sequence in a Week (VIP WEEK), you get a custom email sequence that sounds like you - with a messaging concoction that’ll get your readers to say “yes!”

  • For your course, membership, or coaching offer
  • For your masterclass
  • For your launch
  • If it’s meant to sell, I’m your girl

A SALES PAGE that fully embodies your tone and makes the compelling argument that gets the sale

Sales Page in a Week

You find it hard to connect and engage with your people, which has a direct impact on your sales and conversion goals. Those countless hours you normally spend writing your own sales copy? Gone.

With the Sales Page in a Week (VIP Week), you get researched, proven, and sticky copy that nails your messaging, highlights your X factor, shows your audience how much you truly know them, and gets the conversions you’ve been busting your asset for.


"GIRLLLL this is AMAZING. Like holy sh*t I want to buy it.. even though I already own it."

- Marissa P.

“Elenny was so easy to work with! She made the project fun, and she delivered great copy that followed all the specifications we laid out… We landed on a great copy asset that we'll be able to use for a variety of campaigns.”

- Sara K.

“Hiring [Elenny] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. [She’s] a rockstar!”

- CMO.

"Dude, we are floored by your copy. I've never been this excited by words. We just plugged these in and are already seeing a 10% boost."

- Jean W.

Your conversion-ready sales page is waiting for you to concoct it. Grab this prompt-guided template prepared specifically for digital products. Cheers!

[Free] Write Your Sales Page in a Day!

    Copy that doesn’t even sound like you. It sounds like AI wrote it

    4+ meetings per project, where maybe one of them is actually fruitful

    Sell an offer that looks and sounds exactly like everything else out there

    Guess your ideal client’s wants, needs, problems, and hesitations - and not speak to them the way they speak

    Voice and essence mastery - you’ll get copy that sounds like you and shows your authenticity. No more sounding like everybody else

    One meeting total - we’ve systemized our intake process so well that we’ll never have to hop on fruitless meetings. We’ll give you back HOURS of your time

    Competitor research - so we know how to position YOUR offer as the no-brainer. No more selling the same thing the other person is selling

    Intense and proven customer research (interviews, surveys, polls, review mining) - so we say the right thing to the right person at the right time. No more throwing spaghetti at a wall

    The WitCopy Sales Copy Concoction

    The WitCopy Sales Copy Concoction



    Offer clarity - you’d be surprised at how many times I’ve heard, “I didn’t even know that was a unique value proposition.” We’ll help you get clear on your offer’s features, benefits, and outcomes, so that you can show up like the expert you are. No more vanilla products

    Not highlighting the unique features, benefits, and outcomes that make your offer the holy grail that your ideal client needs

    concoct my sales copy