Your copy is sabotaged by... Lack of optimization & testing

The problem: Your sales copy might not follow conversion best practices, so your emails are not being opened, and the links inside your emails are not being clicked. Your headline might be weak, and if it’s a good one, the copy past the headline might be repelling your audience. The same thing goes for your CTA – it could be sending people away rather than converting them.

Why it matters: If you’re not constantly testing and optimizing your copy assets, you won’t know what resonates with your audience. So there’s not an opportunity for you to scale your business – which means you’re leaving even more money on the table for your competitors to grab.

What you can do: Start running A/B tests while testing ONE thing at a time. For example, start by testing two headlines, pick a winner, then move on to another test. Test your email subject lines – does your audience prefer shorter or longer? Do they prefer questions? Don’t forget to test your CTA.

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Who's the conversion copywriter behind this?

Elenny Frometa

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6 years.

When I say I’m the person you go to when you want to make more money, I mean it. Because thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world, I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country. Delivering jaw-dropping copy that converts. Because of that knowledge, I became an Entrepreneur.com contributor where I share high-level copywriting tips with other entrepreneurs.