Your copy is sabotaged by... Lack of action

The problem: You are not using your ideal client’s words or phrases they use to talk about their problems, desires, needs, etc., so you are not joining the conversation happening in their head, which means you are not connecting with them on any level. And because you’re so busy, you might not have time to do this Voice of Customer research. But you also haven’t hired a copywriter, so you’re winging your copy yourself.

Why it matters: Without knowing word-for-word what your ideal clients are saying, you are relying on guesses and instincts – which could be wrong. So they don’t identify with what you’re saying or visualizing their future state after your offer.

What you can do: Delegate your sales copy to a conversion copywriter who will do your Voice of Customer research, nail your messaging, master your voice, position your product as your clients’ holy grail, and ensure that your sales copy has all the elements it needs to convert.

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Who's the conversion copywriter behind this?

Elenny Frometa

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6 years.

When I say I’m the person you go to when you want to make more money, I mean it. Because thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world, I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country. Delivering jaw-dropping copy that converts. Because of that knowledge, I became an Entrepreneur.com contributor where I share high-level copywriting tips with other entrepreneurs.