Let's Set Some Expectations 👇🏼

We've turned our Frequently Asked Questions into what we now call "Expectations"

No surprises 😉

Our project minimum is $6,897

This is not a quote; it’s just a starting point.

We don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get this out of the way early.

We charge per project, not per hour

No two projects are alike, and they require different perspectives and scopes. We know new copywriters who charge by the hour, but that’s not us. 

We don't provide "custom sample work"

We can show you some of our past work, but due to respect to our clients, as well as ourselves, we do not provide custom sample work. 

Client portal

You’ll be emailed a link to your client portal. Use it. All of your files, contracts, project information, and communications will be hosted there.

Remember: systems.

We don't start until the proposal has been signed & paid

Depending on the project, your payment plan might be divided into two payments, three payments, or even just one.

With that said, we cannot start working on your custom project until the first payment is made.

Remember: cars can’t run without gas or charge 🚗

Communication (emails)

Email communication is best. Not only safer for all parties, but the WitCopy team will be able to respond faster (all hands on deck, rather than texting me directly!)

Booking calls/meetings

You’ll be provided your booking link during specific points throughout the project. Use it. We can’t just “hop on a call later on today” or “first thing in the morning”. You’re running a business; you know how crucial scheduling is.

If you have questions, send us an email.

Deadlines expectations

Allow at least a week (might be more depending on the complexity of the project) for a draft. 

Please don’t submit a request on Monday expecting us to deliver on Friday.

Need your project done FAST?

If you have a deadline and need your email sequence or sales page done ASAP, book a VIP Week. 

Rolls Royce (read me out)

It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.

Your copy won’t take that long, but if you want results you can brag to your competitors about humbly show off, you gotta let me dig deep and let data tell a story.