Ideal for coaches, course creators, and service providers.

1 sales page. 8 sales emails. Countless Stripe notifications.

Get your sales copy to actually convert with this prompt-guided Sales Copy Bundle.
So you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it.

Stop letting conversions fall through the digital cracks.

You’re here because:

Even after getting a template or formula, your offer isn’t getting the purchases it deserves.

You write your own sales copy but haven’t figured out how to make it convert as much as it could.

You can’t or don’t want to invest in a 4-5 figure conversion copywriter yet.

You’ve tried everything you’ve been told online - yet you just can’t put the sales copy pieces together. So you’re watching how your ideal clients go with someone else and post about it on social media.

Here’s why your sales copy, even after reading all the strategies and formulas, is costing you more than you can afford to lose

Luckily, there’s a better way: The Sales Page & Sales Email Sequence Bundle

1 sales page. 8 sales emails. Countless Stripe notifications.

If you are tired of promoting your offers and services and not getting anyone to listen. Or buy. This is the bundle for you.

Guided prompts so that you know exactly what to write. Be done in minutes, not days.

Proven formulas throughout so that every section converts. You’ll stop losing your readers.

Persuasion & psychology strategies so that you get inside your ideal client’s head. They’ll pull out their AMEX.

Strategic guidelines that are easy to follow. No more confusion around what to write or where.

Conversion-driven without being pushy. So your ideal clients follow a human journey all the way to your bank.

2 subject line variations so you can A/B test or send to unopens. You’ll reach more readers without putting in more work.

With both, you’ll finalize your sales copy in hours, not days. And without wanting to slam your face into the keyboard.

Stop letting conversions fall through the digital cracks.

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6 years.

When I say I’m the person you go to when you want to make more money, I mean it. Because thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world, I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country. Delivering jaw-dropping copy that converts.

Because of that knowledge, I became an Entrepreneur.com contributor where I share high-level copywriting tips with other entrepreneurs.

And I made it my mission to make sure that your sales copy conversion rate get as good as these results I’ve gotten for my clients:

“We landed on a great copy asset that we'll be able to use for a variety of campaigns.”
“Your process is so organized and seamless!”
“Dude, we are floored by your copy. I’ve never been this excited by words.”

It’s either this, or more collecting random tips with no strategies from gurus that won’t ever convert. Your choice.

Say “goodbye” to not knowing where to start. Forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bundle for me and my *very* specific business?

This bundle was created for coaches, course creators, service providers, and membership site creators. If you are not one of those, you might not be able to use this bundle the way it was designed to be used, but the copy can be transferrable.

How do I use it?

All you have to do once you receive your access email is:

1. Create your account.
2. Log in.
3. Follow the instructions inside the lessons, then the guidelines inside the sales page and emails individually.

That’s it!

What's your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Refunds will not be provided.