Your emails are on their way to your inbox đŸ“©

*Check your promotions and spam folders if you don't receive it within the next 30 mins* If you don't receive your email from elenny@witcopy.com within 1 hour, email tatiana@witcopy.com for help.

Here’s what’s going to happen within the next few minutes:

  • You’ll receive an email from elenny@witcopy.com with your deliverables. If it lands on your promotions folder, drag it to primary 🙂
  • When you click on the button inside that email, you will be taken to a Google Doc file and will be prompted to “make a copy.”
  • Make a copy.
  • Go through the emails and replace the text that is highlighted in yellow. This is where your offer details go.
  • Go through the emails and make sure the copy matches your brand’s tone.

Bam. That was fast.

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