For the CEO or marketer with high standards and copywriting needs beyond a one-time project.

The no-brainer way for established and growing businesses to get conversion-ready copy. Without the hiring hassle.

Here's the deal.

You don’t want to hire someone full-time. Sure, the idea of having an in-house copywriter sounds great for the future, but that’s not really your focus right now. You need to grow fast. And your team is counting on you.

You don’t want to go through the draining hiring hassle anyway. Finding the right candidate is more painful than stepping on Legos on a Tuesday morning when you’re pulling yourself together for another day packed with meetings. Believe me, I know.

You're also sophisticated enough to know that:

You want conversion-ready copy that genuinely connects with your prospects - and positions you as their no-brainer option.

So that you can grow faster. And profitably.

By partnering with us, this is what you can expect each month.

This is the process:

Book alignment call
After you submit your intake form, our team will go over your submission and decide to move forward with a 15-minute Google Meet call. We'll get to know each other and discuss your needs.
Book strategy call
This is a 60-minute Google Meet call. We'll discuss what we'll be working on during our first month. We'll get clear on your business and your offer. We'll set deliverables, expectations, and go over our signature and unchangeable process. You'll receive your contract and make your first month's payment.
It's go time
I'll be submerging myself into the world of conversion copywriting and working on each deliverable. You'll receive one deliverable (asset) each week.

Starting rate is $10k
3-month commitment

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for 6 years.

When I say I’m the person you go to when you want to make more money, I mean it. Because thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world, I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country. Delivering jaw-dropping copy that converts.

And I made it my mission to make sure that your sales copy conversion rate get as good as these results I’ve gotten for my clients:

Starting rate is $10k
3-month commitment

“We landed on a great copy asset that we'll be able to use for a variety of campaigns.”
“Your process is so organized and seamless!”
“Dude, we are floored by your copy. I’ve never been this excited by words.”

"Okay. But how do I know we'll work well together?"

This is the right service for you only if all of the following are true:

Starting rate is $10k
3-month commitment

As a reminder, here's what you'll get

Starting rate is $10k
3-month commitment