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I’m a copywriter, but the difference is my words are conversion-driven. Not just good on the eyes.

Every single word. Every single thought. That’s exactly what we will learn about your ideal customer to write copy that will bring out their AMEX.

You need a top-tier conversion copywriter to handle your copy needs because doing it yourself or delegating to Fiverr copywriters isn’t cutting it anymore. Your business is leveling up - and your copy must reflect that.

You need to know exactly what your one reader is saying and how they’re saying it so that you can get into their heads and get them to say, “yes. Here’s my card. I trust you.”

I noticed a lot of business owners focus on copy that sounds good and is on-brand but fails to convert. So I specialize in writing high-converting copy that is on-brand (keeping your voice!) while also connecting to your audience on a psychological level and gets them to that “yes!” you desire.

Imagine your website or sales copy doing most of the legwork for you

And your ideal clients salivating over how well you know them and what they need. They don’t have to think twice about investing in your offers. And it’s all because your copy is so strategic. So data-backed. So psychologically-proven. *chef’s kiss*

About Elenny (founder of witcopy)

I'm the person you go to when you want to make more money.

Hi! I’m Elenny Frometa, and I have been a conversion copywriter for about 6 years now.

Though I didn’t start off as a conversion copywriter, my failed attempts at writing my sales pages and ad copy led me here - because that’s how I learned that words are more than just letters put together.

Thanks to my continuous education from the top copywriting educators in the world (CopyHackers, the Copywriter Underground, and my experience), I’ve been able to work with my dream clients all around the country. Delivering jaw-dropping copy that converts.

Because of that knowledge, I was able to become an Entrepreneur.com contributor where I share high-level copywriting tips with other entrepreneurs.

My degree in Psychology also comes in handy, because my healthy obsession with human decision-making helps me enjoy the process of conversion copywriting that regular copywriters hate the most: research.

You need copy that sells. Logically, you need me.

Never struggle with copy that doesn’t deliver the conversions you seek ever again

All of our packages include: 

Brand voice questionnaire - we’ll nail your brand’s voice so that your copy can sell and still sound like you.

Voice of Customer Research - we’ll know exactly what they say and how they say it - so we can use it to sell.

Updates throughout the project - you’ll never be left in the dark, wondering the status of your project.

2 revisions - or as we call them, perfecting touches. But we rarely use both.

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